For many people, especially those with young families, practicality is the key consideration when choosing products for the home. But practicality needn't mean plain and boring. As well as looking great, real wood floors make perfect sense in terms of functionality too. Not only do they provide a durable, easy-care surface, they can be great sound insulators. They also promote a really healthy environment, as they don't harbour pollen and dust.

Wood is also incredibly comfortable underfoot! Nothing can compare to the feel of a natural material. Whichever room you lay it in, you'll feel the difference.

Real wood floors create a clean, uncluttered feel too. They can transform a living space, bringing calm and order where chaos once reigned! Choose a wood floor that works well with your existing interior design and vary the species or the prefinish to suit a room's function.

Look out for this label

real wood logo

Look for the 'Real Wood' label when buying your real wood floors.

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