Real wood floors in the playroom are great for children, and wonderful for you too.

They'll love the feeling of space and comfort, and you'll appreciate the durability and ease of cleaning.

Playrooms are special places, where dreams come alive! Battles are won and lost, fantasies brought to life and secrets shared. As your little ones grow, playrooms can become dens, where great friends meet and hang out, enjoying music and hobbies in their own space.

Durable and hygienic

Keeping a playroom clean can be difficult. You'll need a hardwearing surface that can stand up to the wear and tear and still be comfortable underfoot. We recommend a real wood floor. With a durable finish, it'll take all the knocks and still come out looking great.

Getting active

Playrooms and spare rooms often double up as gymnasiums and in this environment a real wood floor is the ideal option. The combination of resilience, warmth and durability will make all the difference. Why not consider installing your floor over underfloor heating, for the perfect environment.

Make your playroom an integral part of your home. Make it lively and bright. Choose real wood floors and enjoy them for years to come.

"We laid a real wood floor in the playroom when our children were small, and now it's our grandchildren who play in the room when they come and visit. It's still in perfect condition after all these years."

"We chose a multi-layered floor and we've never had any problems. Even when we've had accidents, it's no trouble - we just wipe them up. We're so glad that we chose wood, it's the perfect combination: it's wear resistant and comfortable."
Sarah and Tom Harding

real wood playroom tips:

  • We recommend using a harder wood species with a durable lacquer prefinish, for minimal maintenance and maximum enjoyment.
  • Avoid very dark toned floors and walls, which can make a room feel smaller.
  • Liven up a playroom with colourful posters, pinboards and accessories. Create a theme to make the room really special, like pirates and princesses!