A real wood floor in the living room sets the tone for the rest of the house.

It's not just the impression it gives; it's the feeling of calm that it will create, for you and your family.

Warm, welcoming and naturally beautiful, a real wood floor is the perfect backdrop in the living room. Whatever your taste, it will transform your room into the centrepiece of your home.

Modern or classic

Whether you prefer a contemporary look or traditional design, there are endless wood flooring options to choose from. With over 50 different wood species, each available in a range of patterns and finishes, the choice is almost endless. Use a combination of styles, throughout the home, to create an individual look or, choose a similar floor throughout for seamless living.

A sound investment

Wood floors are incredibly hardwearing and durable, often lasting for generations. Their appeal is timeless and, as a floor ages, its tone and beauty matures. They are also a sound investment, which can add value to your home.

"We chose a one-strip floor in the living room because it seemed like the natural thing to do. We love being outdoors, so we wanted to create a natural look in our home. We used wood throughout the whole room; the combination of wood flooring and furnishings gives a really clean, exclusive look."

"The finish was an easy choice; we opted for oil. It looks so natural and is so silky underfoot. And, we were amazed at just how easy it is to keep clean and to maintain."
Rob and Lindsay Buckley

real wood living room tips:

  • Most wood species are suitable for the living room but consider other adjoining areas. Do you want to create a seamless impression or a different look in each room?
  • There are many ways of defining areas in an open-plan room, perhaps with a large rug or by installing your floor in a different direction.
  • Make the most of large living areas by using wider boards with an even grain.