Real wood floors add both character and style to your kitchen, making a practical room so much more pleasing to the eye.

They are also very durable and really easy to maintain.

The home is where the heart is - and the kitchen is the very heart of the home. Why not give it a 'living room feel' with a beautiful real wood floor.

Make the most of your living space

Are you keen to make the most of your living space? Then why not remove a few walls, to incorporate your kitchen into your living room! Kitchen come breakfast/living rooms are incredibly popular, especially for families or couples that enjoy entertaining. Lay a wood floor throughout, to create a seamless transition for one area to the other.

Caring for your kitchen floor

As wood is a natural material, any spillages should be wiped up straight away. Use a damp cloth, with a mild cleaner if necessary.

"Our kitchen really is the heart of our home. I love to cook, but I don't like cooking alone! So, we made it an annex of our living room, and now everyone congregates in the kitchen - which is just how I wanted it."

"Our floor has created real unity. There's no separation between the living room, dining room and kitchen. It's just one big space. I love the warmth it conveys, and I do appreciate the ease of cleaning! It's still a kitchen after all!"
Adam and Emma Renshaw

Real wood kitchen tips:

We recommend:

  • Lacquer prefinishes are easier to look after and to maintain, so are the best option for the kitchen.
  • To keep your floor spotlessly clean, vacuum and clean with a well wrung mop or cloth and mild detergent.
  • Seek specialist advice from a professional wood floor retailer, to help determine which species is most suited to your home and lifestyle.