A wood floor will add a welcoming feel to your hallway.

It will also provide a durable surface that is really easy to keep spotlessly clean.

A wooden floor says welcome. It creates a warm, comfortable environment that not only looks but also feels really inviting. It can also transform a functional hallway into a stunning entrance to your home.

First impressions count

Combining a sense of style and comfort, a real wood floor creates a lasting impression. It's warm, practical and incredibly stylish and, with so many different options to choose from, it can be used to create a truly individual look.

Long lasting durability

Wood is incredibly hardwearing and dirt-resistant, so it's ideal for the entrance to the home. Choose from a wide range of durable wood species and, with a little loving care, it will remain beautiful for generations to come.

Combining natural materials

Natural materials work really well together and, just like in nature, wood and stone are a wonderful complement. In the hallway, they offer a seamless transition from outside to inside.

"We chose traditional oak planks for our entrance hall, because we wanted to create a lasting impression. We knew that a wooden floor would say 'welcome' in a pleasing and understated way, and that it would also be hardwearing and easy to look after."

"Look after your wood floor and it will last for years and years. Our best piece of advice would be to include an inbuilt area for entrance matting, so people can wipe their feet as they come in."
Ali Nichols

Real wood entrance hall tips:

  • Choose a harder wood species like oak, merbau or jatoba for your entrance - for greater resistance against wear and tear.
  • Choose a front door that complement's the style of your wood floor, or visa-versa.
  • Place a mat either side of your front door, to remove grit and moisture.