Real wood floors work beautifully in the bedroom.

They are comfortable, stylish and provide the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

Your bedroom is your ultimate refuge. The place where you sleep, dream, relax and play. Now you can make the experience even more natural . with a real wood floor.

Spoil your senses

Feel the silky, softness underfoot. Sense the freshness of your room - crisp, clean and uncluttered. Now doesn't it feel good to have a great night's sleep!

A work of art underfoot

Make your bedroom a haven of peace and tranquillity by installing a real wood floor. Enjoy the feeling of nature underfoot, crafted by expert hands, for a perfect finish.

Warm to the touch

Choose a real wood floor in your bedroom; it's so much warmer to the touch. You'll delight in being able to walk barefoot on a beautifully finished real wood surface.

Give your bedroom that natural charm with a real wood floor.

"I love the warmth and softness under foot. The natural finish of real wood makes such a difference to my feeling of well-being in the morning! My apartment isn't that big, so my bedroom doubles up as my workspace. It's a pleasure to work in such natural surroundings."
Oliver Brugnoli

Real wood bedroom tips:

  • Choose from a variety of tones and textures to achieve the perfect look.
  • If you suffer from any allergies, opt for a wood floor in your bedroom. Its smooth surface won't harbour dust mites and it's really easy to keep spotlessly clean.
  • Choose accessories, like skirting boards and doorframes, in the same species as your wood floor, to achieve a complementary look.