Choosing a wood species is very much a matter of taste. Some people prefer light, blonde-coloured timbers whilst others prefer darker, more exotic tones. Consider the overall effect that you want to achieve. Contrasts often work and dark floors can look particularly stunning with light toned walls, and visa-versa. For specific guidance, contact a professional wood flooring specialist. Also, bear in mind the function of the room in which you're installing the floor; some timbers are harder than others and may be more suitable for high traffic areas.


In general, the harder the floor, the more able it is to withstand wear and tear. Hardness of different wood species is often measured using the Brinell test.


Wood floors come in a spectrum of colours, from almost white-tones to the deepest ebony, with beautiful nuances in between. What's more, you can achieve your own unique look by choosing different finishes. Quite literally, the options are endless.


Real wood floors are available in more than 50 different species, in a range of colours, patterns and price ranges.