Real wood floors are available in numerous patterns, from classical one-strip boards to modern, intricate basket weaves. The style of home, be it traditional or contemporary, and size of room can help determine which type of floor is best suited to a living space. Popular options include:

One strip.

Available in narrow and wide formats, one-strip floors are sawn from one log giving a plank-like effect. Knotty timbers with lively grains give a rustic look, whilst clean-grained timbers are often used in more contemporary settings. One-strip floors are often considered to be the exclusive flooring option.

Two or three strip.

The surfaces of these floors are divided equally into uniform width slats or staves, like bricks in a wall. Two-strip floors are two slats wide and three-strip floors are divided into three slats. The pattern runs in the same direction throughout the floor. This design is used in modern and traditional interiors alike and works particularly well in smaller rooms, creating an illusion of space.


Available as standard boards with a patterned surface or as short, two-layer 'strips', similar to traditional parquet. Standard boards come in a variety of patterns, including herringbone, basketweave and shipdecks design, and are laid floating. Meanwhile, two-layer strips, which are glued to the subfloor, can be used to create similar patterns, borders or unique designs in a combination of different colours.