Today's wood floor finishes are very sophisticated in nature and a far cry from the old, thick 'plastic-looking' finishes. They are generally exceptionally durable, yet incredibly thin, so they protect a floor and promote easy care without disguising the wood's grain. The most popular treatments are lacquer, oil and wax.


A lacquer pre-finish encapsulates the wood and seals its completely. A lacquered floor is very easy to keep clean and requires minimal maintenance. Depending on the quality of the lacquer, a surface finish can last between five and seven years before renovation is necessary.

Lacquer finishes are incredibly popular because they are durable and require minimal maintenance. Various gloss levels are available, from silk matt lacquer to 'mirror-like' high gloss.

Oil and Wax

Oil and wax finishes provide natural protection and create a sheen that is silk-like to the touch. Floors with oil or wax finishes do require a level of periodic maintenance but modern treatments make it an easy procedure. Small areas of wear are particularly easy to renovate.

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Look for the 'Real Wood' label when buying your real wood floors.

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