Real wooden floors are suitable for just about every room in the home. They're durable, easy to care for and, with so many different species to choose from, offer an infinite range of styles and possibilities.

Resilient, durable and comfortable

Wood is a living material; it's warm, resilient and comfortable to walk on. That's why wood is the material of choice for indoor sports floors, gymnasiums, dance halls and public buildings.

Timeless and unique

Real wood is never intrusive or over bearing. You can mix and match it, and it will sit beautifully alongside any other material in the home. There's a quality to wood that's unique. It enhances an environment without dominating it, being both stylish and understated at the same time.

Wood is unaffected by the whims of fashions. It is timeless . a part of nature that we're privileged to be able to bring into our homes.

Wood works everywhere

Wood looks great anywhere. Just choose the species and finish that best suits your home and lifestyle.

Contact a specialist wood flooring professional if you need additional advice. With so many different options, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Look out for this label

real wood logo

Look for the 'Real Wood' label when buying your real wood floors.

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The eco-benefits of real wood

real wood eco-benefits

The environmental benefits of choosing real wood are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than in any other construction material. And, after each wood harvest, the forests are replanted for the next generation.

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