Real wood transforms a room instantly, adding style and character. Whatever species you choose, you'll enjoy an exclusive look that never goes out of fashion.

Trends change, but wood's appeal lasts forever

Interior design trends change and what looks good today may not appeal in twenty years. But, rest assured that your wood floor will remain timelessly stylish, no matter how often you change the colours of your walls or furniture.

Improves with age

Wood matures with age and, over time, it will actually look and feel even more beautiful. So, as you feel more at home with your floor, your floor will look more at home in its new surroundings!

A natural, living structure

Wood is a natural, living structure that adapts to its conditions and is affected by climatic and humidity changes. Just like timber in its natural habitat, wood absorbs moisture across its entire surface, before releasing it again. This unique balance helps to create a perfect, healthy indoor environment, from one season to the next.

Grand old floors

Imagine all the great historic households, with grand old wood floors that have not only aged gracefully, but also have a story to tell. Think of the passage of time; a durable wood floor will endure. Every man's home is his castle, so why not add a little grandeur to yours!

Look out for this label

real wood logo

Look for the 'Real Wood' label when buying your real wood floors.

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The eco-benefits of real wood

real wood eco-benefits

The environmental benefits of choosing real wood are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than in any other construction material. And, after each wood harvest, the forests are replanted for the next generation.

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